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Create videos in a snap

Iveo helps you with creating your video step by step. By following the storyboard in the app, you’ll know exactly how you should make your video. Every step includes tips and tricks to create even better videos. By pressing a single button, your shots will automatically be processed into a professional video.


Your own branding

Your branding can automatically be added to all your videos. The visibility of your logo creates a professional impression.

Steady videos

Our unique software stabilizes your images automatically for an even better result. No more shaky images.

Add audio tracks

Select the perfect music for your videos from various audio moods. This allows you to present the atmosphere in the best possible way.

Your company, better visible

Having an online video presence and being visible on the internet is important for you as a real estate agent. The more people who know you, the more properties you can sell. Videos are ideal to achieve this because videos are watched a lot on MLS platforms and can be shared regularly on social networks. 

What other real estate agents say about Iveo:

“The Iveo app works very simple and really helps us in presenting the property and getting more attention for it.”

“With the Iveo app, we can easily and quickly create video presentations ourselves in order to present our listings optimally.”

Create videos like these:

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Personal dashboard

In your personal online dashboard you’ll find a useful overview of all your videos. You can also add additional users and customize your subscription plan.

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Share your videos

When your video is ready, you can download it in your dashboard and easily upload your video to your own website, MLS platforms, Youtube and other social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the quality of smartphone cameras good enough?

Yes it is! The latest smartphones contain very high quality cameras that allow you to create great videos which are nearly indistinguishable from traditional cameras.

Which smartphones are compatible for Iveo?

Iveo can be installed on iPhones and iPads with iOS 8.0 and higher and almost all Android smartphones with Android 4.0 and higher. The version you have on your smartphone can be found under Settings.

How can I create even better videos?

You can upgrade your smartphone with a lot of useful tools. For example, you can add wide-angle lenses, tripods and even automated stabilisers to create even better videos.

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